2010 changes to the Minnesota treatment parameters : Minn. R. 5221

There are new changes to the treatment parameters concerning the appropriate use of medications for treatment of work related injuries. Under the new rule, Minn. R. 5221.6105, there are now “strict” limits to use of certain types of medications. This rule severely limits the medication a health care provider can prescribe including the type and

Finding the right Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney

Another lawyer and I recently had a conversation about how people find attorneys. He was quite surprised to hear how many people used the internet to find an attorney.  He said, “how can someone make such a big decision just from reading a website.” I began thinking about what he said – and it made a lot of

Show your work

Cuando yo cursaba la escuela primaria recuerdo que mi maestro de matemáticas me dijo que no era suficiente escribir la respuesta a la pregunta sino que era necesario que yo demostrara como había llegado a esa respuesta. El mismo razonamiento existe para establecer ciertas lesiones de trabajo. Usted necesita demostrar (comprobar) que hay una relación

Medical choices for injured workers

After a Minnesota work related injury, many injured workers assume that the Minnesota employer and workers’ compensation insurer will automatically pay for the injury and the related medical expenses. Unfortunately, there are many times when the insurance company denies the claim and refuses to pay for the medical treatment. The injured worker is then responsible